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A Revolution in Education

Providing solid support, relevant resources and simple systems to help hardworking mompreneurs

grow out of spinning their wheels in the mud and into sales mastery, financial freedom, and personal fulfilment.

Your Vision:



You're building a business so you can




Your Support System:

A collaborative environment

connecting you with

the support you need to lead

your family and business

from survival mode to

simplicity and abundance.

An attentive ally

walking with you as you learn to

attract and keep more clients, business partners, and money

to create and sustain your ideal

lifestyle and legacy.

Your Path Forward:

We focus on unconventional, effective strategies

that apply to current, real-life situations, and our solutions are specific to your unique needs, allowing you to adapt and grow

as a mom and entrepreneur in an ever-changing world.

Five Tools to Get Rid of Money Worries and Thrive in Your Business

Attraction Marketing

Discover a Powerful NEW WAY of Building Your Clientele and Team Using Authentic, Automated & Duplicatable Strategies

The NEPQ Framework

Witness the INNOVATIVE

Sales System that Works With Human Psychology in Any Industry


Join the ONE-OF-A-KIND

relationship platform trusted
by 8 million small business owners


Unleash a GAME-CHANGING Approach to Client Engagement and solidify your spot in the hearts & minds of clients & potential clients.

Your vision requires specific strategies to address your unique priorities, timelines, budget, and overall needs. Schedule a time for us to dive deep into where you are now versus where you desire to be. Together, we will craft a perfect plan .

The Golden Circle

Explore a REVOLUTIONARY educational environment about money & entrepreneurship so you can finance your dream life.


See what other women are saying:

"I highly recommend LaToya! She is a brilliant businesswoman with a keen eye for detail. I appreciate how she takes the time to get a holistic view of her clients and their purpose to guide them as they work toward their goals."

Megan Murphy,

BodyFlow Hydration

"LaToya and her amazing community of women are killing the money game! Amazing platform for women looking to expand and take the necessary steps towards financial freedom. "

Alysa Thomas,

HerRose Co.

"LaToya is extremely passionate about sharing knowledge to others and connecting people to resources to help them reach their goals. "

Imogene Bibbs,

Thirkles Funding

"LaToya is a breath of fresh air. She is insightful, knowledgeable, and soul-led. Her message and her business are a gift to the world. Glad to have her in my network. "

Sarai Peotdi,

The Witchy Coach

"LaToya has a passion for teaching others and it is this gift that she leverages in her business helping families build and preserve wealth. She is empowered to help business owners gain the knowledge they need to be profitable and financially secure. Check her out!"

Natalie Jobity,

The Unveiled Way

"LaToya is kicking butt as a mompreneur and is working hard to educate and elevate other moms trying to figure out the formula to simultaneously succeed at business and motherhood. Her mission is to help women achieve financial freedom so they can live life to the fullest and set their children up for success."

Rae Larkins,

R Travel Agency, LLC

I've met with many financial industry professionals and by far, LaToya absolutely has a passion for what she does and takes the time out to actually educate you versus just trying to sell you on something. She actually wants to know about you and your situation and tries to figure something out that will work best for your lifestyle, I highly recommend."

Tiamerra Serrant,

True Guidance Realty

"LaToya is more than a business woman. She’s first a human and has a genuine heart for moms and families. I love how personable she is and how she meets moms where they are. "

Donise Boyd,

The Unprofessional Mom


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“When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.”

- Idowu Koyenikan